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It's never too late to try out yoga!

Our next Foundation Basics yoga course starts the week beginning 22nd July

Our 4 week course is a structured program designed to introduce you to the yoga basics.

We’ll take you through a series of exercises/poses which will get all your joints and muscle areas moving.

We teach you to work within your capabilities and range of movements and provide alternatives to poses to suit everyone.

You don’t have to be already fit or flexible to do yoga and anyone of any age can benefit from this course.

You will learn how to release tension in your body, relax your mind and treat your body well!

Price varies according to how many classes you want to attend each week.

Sound healing session

Join us for a sound healing session with Barbara Jackson

Sunday 26th May 2 - 3:30pm

Want an energy boost? Need to de-stress?

Allow the calming sounds of a crystal bowl sound healing session to relax and refresh you.

The pure resonance from the crystal ‘singing’ bowls raises your vibrations and releases blocked energy. It is healing at a deep level and instills a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace. It can create a profound sense of well-being.

The heart rate, respiratory system and brainwaves change to a slower rhythm as you listen to the harmony of the sounds. Neuro-chemicals are activated and the autonomic nervous system is balanced.

Barbara is an experienced Crystal Sound Therapist who facilitates group sound healing sessions at retreats/workshops. 

We’re delighted to welcome Barbara back for another of her popular sessions. You can read more about her and sound healing on Barbara’s website:

This sound session is a combination of guided meditation, voice toning and a sound healing experience, where Barbara plays her crystal bowls and other instruments.

Participants are invited to lie on a mat and take full advantage of the sound healing in a relaxed way.

All welcome – no yoga experience necessary.

Watch these videos to get a taster of what the crystal bowls sound like and to learn more about the crystal bowls and sound vibration.

Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow as desired, to make yourself comfortable.

Booking in advance is required to secure your place.
Cost: $30

For any questions, call: 0414 382 585 or email:

Venue: Central Coast School of Yoga,
1st floor, 220 The Entrance Rd, Erina NSW 2250
See map below.

Business talks

Peter recently did a short talk and demonstration at a local business group, Wild Fig Service Alliance.

This was a short presentation for business owners on dispelling the myths around yoga (that you have to be flexible is the biggest myth).

He also showed participants some simple, practical exercises that can be done at your desk – designed to calm and quieten the busy, stressed mind and release tension from the head, neck and shoulders.

So good for taking a refreshing break from meetings and hunching over your keyboard!

If you’re interested in getting Peter to come and talk at your workplace or organisation or to arrange corporate yoga sessions, please contact us:
Call: 0414 382 585
Email: info AT

Shout out to for the awesome photos!

Yoga breathing workshop

Learning to breathe well is a powerful tool to revitalise your body, mind and emotions.

The benefits of yogic breathing are far-reaching.

It will help you to feel more confident and relaxed, and assist you in maintaining a calm mind.

Workshop date: Saturday 13th April 12 – 3pm

In this 3 hour session, Peter will cover several breathing exercises, including Ujjayi breathing (Victory breath).

You will discover the benefits of yogic breathing (Pranayama) and explore how to:

  • breathe more efficiently whilst doing yoga asana (postures)
  • increase your physical and mental performance with Ujjayi breathing
  • control your breath to energise yourself
  • improve your focus, calmness and meditation technique

Discover the improvement in your asana when you focus on your breathing!

A great opportunity to understand, explore and ask Peter questions.

Suitable for all levels.

Cost: $110 for the 3 hour session.

Full payment in advance is required to secure your place:

Spinal pain workshop

Spinal pain workshop

Suffer from scoliosis, arthritis or back ache?
Come along to our next workshop and find out how you can get relief

A great opportunity to work deeply and safely on your back issues.

Saturday 2nd March
12 – 3pm

We will explore gentle poses that work to re-align and balance your spine and to reduce pain and inflammation.

  • learn how to release, lengthen and strengthen the spine at a deeper and smarter level, using yoga therapy techniques
  • practice breathing exercises to relieve aches and tension and improve spine alignment
  • discover the best poses that work for you, which avoid jamming your back and nurture it instead
  • poses will be modified to suit your level, whether beginner or more advanced, as we will go over the exercises in detail.

A great opportunity to learn and ask Peter questions, drawing on his over 30 years of yoga and yoga therapy teaching experience.

Suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Cost: $110 for the 3 hour session.

Full payment in advance is required to secure your place:

Venue: Central Coast School of Yoga,
1st floor, 220 The Entrance Rd, Erina NSW 2250
See map below.

Christmas and New Year opening times

Christmas and New Year classes


There are some timetable changes to let you know about, but we are pretty much open over the festive period:

  • We are running our normal timetable up to and including 24th December.
  • We are closed 25th and 26th December and 1st January.
  • From 27th December to 7th January, we are running the Christmas timetable, which is 2 classes a day, Monday to Friday at 9am and 6pm, 1 class on Saturday and Sunday at 9am.


The normal class timetable resumes Monday 8th January.

Thank you for your support this year and may we have a fantastic year ahead doing yoga together. 
Remember that doing yoga is an investment in your future health and wellbeing!

Wishing you all a great Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year!
Peter, Cathryn, Tracey, Viv and Sylvia.

Hot yoga is back!

Now the cooler weather is with us, we're switching the heaters on for Tracey's classes.

Join us for a warm steady flow class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am and Saturdays at 8am.

Radiant heat is emitted from the Far Infrared heaters (FIR) which reaches right into your muscles and connective tissue, loosening them, enabling you to relax and stretch more easily as well as easing existing injuries, as it heats you from the inside out.

The heat also enables the release of toxins quickly from your body and helps to balance the hormonal system.

It’s not a burning heat, but more akin to feeling the gentle sun, warm on your skin.

It’s a great way to ease out aches and pains and get your day off to a wonderful start.


Come along and try it out if you haven’t experienced it before – Tracey will make sure you have a great class!

Stiff or sore lower back?

Hips & lower back yoga therapy workshop

Saturday 11th February 12 – 4pm

Learn how to release hip and lower back pain

Focusing on the important Iliopsoas muscle area, Peter’s workshop will explore how to unlock tension, tightness and a perceived lack of flexibility in the lower back and hip region.

The workshop will include:

  •  an overview of the physiology and anatomy of this lower back area

  • how to strengthen and release the spine and hips at a deeper and smarter level using yoga therapy techniques

  • information on the right exercises to prevent and release back and hip discomfort

  • considerable time exploring and working in poses amended to suit your level, whether beginner or more advanced.

Cost: $110 for the 4 hour session.

Places are limited so you will get plenty of personal attention and opportunity to ask questions.

Full payment in advance is required to secure your place.

To book:
email us
– see your teacher at class if you attend our school
– call Peter on: 0414 382 585

Everyone is welcome – there is no requirement to be attending classes with us.

Gift vouchers available

Gift vouchers available

We offer gift vouchers for any $ amount.

Why not give a meaningful, interesting, healthy gift with a low carbon foot-print!

You can treat someone to do a Beginners course – our 4 week introduction to yoga. $180 covers attending 3 classes a week for 4 weeks.

Or how about giving a friend or family member a private therapy session?
A private session is a one to one 45 minute session with Peter who will give advice, practical tips and suitable poses for developing one’s yoga practice or to focus on a particular injury or health concern.

All vouchers can be used as credit towards any yoga classes. They are valid for 3 years from date of purchase.

To buy, drop us an email at: and we’ll give you details about paying by bank transfer and we can post one out to you or direct to the lucky recipient.

You can also buy online here, using credit/debit card or a Paypal account.

Once purchased, please email us to let us know who the voucher is for and the postal address to send it to.

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