Workshop: Hips and lower back

Saturday 13th October 1:15 - 5:15pm

Stiff or sore lower back?

Focussing on the important Iliopsoas muscle area, Peter's workshop will explore how to unlock tension, tightness and a perceived lack of flexibility in the lower back and hip region.

The workshop will include:


Do you do a lot of exercise or sit at a desk for long periods of time?

These are common causes of much tightness and stiffness in this lower back area. Attending this session will help you to learn how to release that tightness. Here's what a previous attendee emailed to us afterwards,


"I have learnt new ways to manage my back pain since attending the last workshop, thank you so much for a most informative day."


Work smarter, not harder

Yoga is one of the only forms of exercise that strengthens and releases the deeper muscles, like the iliopsoas. By tapping into this power, we learn to extend and align correctly, which then gives us the ability to move into back-bending postures with greater ease, comfort and effectiveness.


Cost: $75 for the 4 hour session.

Places are limited. You will get plenty of personal attention and opportunity to ask questions.

Full payment in advance is required to secure your place.

Pay your yoga teacher at class with cash or eftpos, or you can do a bank transfer.
- Details for bank transfer: BSB - 062 651 Account number - 10203793. Please put the word 'workshop' and your name as a reference.


To book:



a bit more background info...

Why can't I do backbends?" "Why are backbending postures so hard?"

Often it's not your back and hips that prevent you from comfortably performing these powerful postures. It's an inability to release the tension in the psoas muscle that holds so many back.


What's the use of strong outer muscles if your core is made of marshmallow?

Many sports fail to tap into the power of the iliopsoas muscle as they only work on strengthening the outer muscles - those we physically see like the abs to achieve the 6-pack so many strive for. But when the deep muscles aren't worked, the outer muscles have to work much harder to achieve a desired result. As we get older, it becomes much harder to maintain this level and the likelihood of injury starts to increase.


What's so good about back-bending asanas anyway?

The list of benefits from moving our bodies backwards is virtually endless...


What is the iliopsoas muscle?

The psoas muscle is one of the most important muscles in the body. Yet many people have never heard of this muscle let alone know where it is and what its primary functions are. Once you understand the secret to accessing this deep muscle that sits at your core beneath layers of outer muscle, you'll gain access to a whole new power in your body.


The Iliopsoas muscle


Small picture of Iliopsoas muscle


See a larger version here