Why yoga?

Yoga gives you:

balance, alertness, fitness,

flexibility, posture, good health,

energy, tone, weight-loss, concentration, fun,

core strength, insight, stamina, strength,

inner quietness, well-being, laughs,

nourishing night's sleep,




Worried you are too stiff to do yoga? Don't be! Everyone feels that at the start...you'll be amazed at the difference in your body after just a few classes.

If you want to get really fit & toned, try doing 3 classes a week and see how your body shape changes.

It really is a great investment in your time and money in view of what you can save in medical and therapy bills. If you're in a Health Fund, many offer rebates on yoga classes (see list of Health Funds)

You'll find that you have more energy to do things, with increased focus and concentration. Your general posture will improve and you will become stronger, without developing bulk muscle.

All our students say how good they feel after class, both in mind and body, and find that those feelings continue on outside of class and enable them to handle the stresses of life more easily and in a calmer fashion.

Read a current student's story of starting yoga >


Why hot yoga?



How it works:

Radiant heat is emitted from the Far Infrared heaters (FIR) which reaches right into your muscles and connective tissue, loosening them, enabling you to relax and stretch more easily as well as easing existing injuries, as it heats you from the inside out.

The combination of yoga and infra-red heat is marvellous for releasing the toxins in our bodies. Exercise removes toxins, but the combination of heat and yoga accelerates this process.

It's not a burning heat, but more akin to feeling the gentle sun, warm on your skin. The heat mobilises the water in our bodies and enables it to transport the toxins out as waste in the form of sweat. It also stimulates chemicals stored in our fatty tissue, releasing the fat, again eliminating it through our sweat glands. Say goodbye to cellulite!

The heat also assists in the release of nitric oxide which aids the repair of damaged and diseased tissues. The inner lining of the blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscle to relax, thus resulting in vasodilation and increasing blood flow. Improved circulation results, carrying toxins to the lymph system and out of the body. Nitric oxide also improves heart function through better blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.[1]

If you're interested in knowing more about how radiant heat works, have a look at this information from Migun of Greenville.



Why Central Coast School of Yoga - Peter Mulholland?

We offer both traditional and hot yoga - we feel that they are complementary and that doing both types will be very beneficial.

We are a yoga school not a yoga gym - we cover the history, philosophy and theory of yoga. Our classes are not just about exercise.

We also develop your knowledge of your body & its anatomy, helping you to understand why you have those stiff areas and how to loosen them up.

Our teachers, with years of experience in teaching yoga at all levels, will not only help you to maintain your interest but your commitment in coming to classes.

We like to teach you to tune into your nurturing energy instead of just pushing harder. This allows you to develop safely, steadily and quickly at your pace in order to reach your best potential - physically, mentally and spiritually.


Why not give us a go?

Our Foundation Basics course is an ideal way to get started. It is a 6 week course especially designed to give you a solid understanding in the basics of yoga.

Enrolment is required.
Unlimited classes for the 6 weeks at just $129!
The best option for those new to yoga, anyone new to our school, as well as those coming back to yoga and wanting a refresher to get back up to speed.

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1. More information on Nitric oxide at Wikipedia


Leg sequence 1 Cathryn Leacey, yoga teacher
Leg sequence 2 Cathryn Leacey, yoga teacher
Leg sequence 3 Cathryn Leacey, yoga teacher
Leg sequence 4 Cathryn Leacey, yoga teacher