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Peter Mulholland - Teacher / Director

"I first came to yoga in 1983 to complement and help with my martial arts and surfing activities. Having studied philosophy at Deakin University, the study of yoga felt like a natural path to follow."

"It was the powerful effect the asanas (postures) had upon me therapeutically, relieving my injuries that drew me to yoga."


"In 1985 I studied yoga in India and gained teaching qualifications at the Vivekanendra Yoga Kendra in Bangalore, India."

It was at that time that Peter met Shandor Remete, a Senior Iyengar teacher who is respected worldwide, and began classes with him. In 1991, Peter completed a 3-year yoga teacher's apprenticeship with Shandor, working very closely with him and was shown how to use yoga therapeutically for a diverse range of injuries. Peter continues to have a Student / Teacher relationship with Shandor, as well as enjoying a great mateship.

Peter moved to the Central Coast in 1991 and established The Central Coast School of Yoga in the same year.



Cathryn Leacey - Teacher

"I began my yoga experience in 1996, to help with a neck and shoulder injury. What started out as a journey in physical healing soon turned into a life changing event.

I started my apprenticeship with Peter Mulholland not long after and 3 years later emerged as a teacher who found that her love of nature, silence and an uncomplicated lifestyle was enhanced and supported by the yoga."

In her classes and private teachings, she upholds all these values and is constantly sought out time and time again by regular students.


Cathryn's journey is a never ending one and to take a class with her is to step out of chaos, urban life, noise and mess and to step into the gentle ebb and flow of our natural selves.


Credentials include:



Tracey Wheatland - Teacher

Tracey began practicing yoga quite early in her life and consequently it has been the mainstay throughout her life experiences.

"I have found that the practice of yoga has a very grounding effect providing a continual but gentle reminder of the shifting nature of life, "the impermanence" and helping to maintain an honest appraisal of the present."


"On a more basic but no less important level, I have found that the regular practice of yoga gives more quality of life to the physical body, maintaining and promoting mobility, stamina and strength.

The physical benefits of yoga had always been obvious especially through pregnancy, childbirth and post-natally, yet I started to recognise the effect yoga has on the mind simply in the way I felt before a practice, during and after. Yoga has a way of sorting you out, bringing you into the present moment, quietening the mind and generating a deeper sense of clarity and awareness."

Tracey has experienced a variety of yoga teachers throughout her life as well as regularly attending a number of workshops, seminars and anatomy courses and has completed a 3 year full-time teacher training course with Peter.

Tracey is committed to helping her students achieve a sense of strength and peace within themselves and specialises in adapting yoga to meet individual requirements.



Damien Molloy - Teacher

Congratulations to Damien on recently completing his 3 year teacher training apprenticeship with Peter!

"The measurement of gratitude that I have for what I have been taught cannot be expressed. Peter's teaching has made me understand that Yoga is for the mind, and the making of a great teacher is to remain a student.
Through learning to soften, I have developed a strength that has made me understand that 'myself' is greater than I know but I am not as great as I think I am. Also that digging in the sand just creates a deep hole - the treasure is in the hard clay.
I would also like to extend my gratitude to both Cath and Tracey for all their wisdom, support and inspiration.
And last, but not least, to everyone who attended my classes during my training:
Go raibh maith agaibh mo chairde.
(Thank you my friends)"



Photo of Damien receiving his certificate from Peter Mulholland


Viviane Spadoni - Student Teacher

Having completely neglected my health for a long time I decided to try yoga. In 1997 I started at theCentral Coast School Of Yoga.

I knew that it could help me get back in touch with my body but had noidea it would also help in so many other ways. Focusing on being in the present moment is the greatestgift of all.


Peter, Cathryn, Tracey and Damien are incredibly knowledgeable, inspiring, insightful andvery generous teachers. It could not have been a better decision.

After almost twenty years of doing yoga, I started my 3 year apprenticeship with Peter.I am now taking one class a week (Relax & Restore), and I feel so fortunate that I have this opportunity to share all this knowledge and experience with the students at the school.


Sylvia - Student Teacher

Sylvia is undertaking her 3 year teacher training apprenticeship with Peter.


Shona Bridge - Student Teacher

Shona began practicing yoga in the late 1980s.
“For years, yoga kept me connected with aspects of myself that were neglected in myeveryday life – I was busy studying, then building a career, then caught up in the demands ofmotherhood and nurturing a family. Yoga was a touchstone – it kept bringing me back to anexperience of myself that was beyond these things.”

Over time it became clear to Shona that yoga was having a huge impact on the quality of herlife. And the benefits weren’t just physical.

"Through my yoga practice I was becoming more emotionally stable. I felt clearer and morefocussed, and more comfortable in my own skin.”


Shona is keen to help others experience the benefits of yoga. Her 3-year apprenticeshipwith Peter provides an opportunity to continue her journey as a student and to begin herjourney as a teacher.


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Peter Mulholland, yoga teacher
Peter Mulholland, yoga teacher
Peter Mulholland, yoga teacher
Photo of Cathryn Leacey, yoga teacher
Leg sequence 1 Cathryn Leacey, yoga teacher
Leg sequence 2 Cathryn Leacey, yoga teacher
Tracey Wheatley, yoga teacher
Tracey Wheatley, yoga teacher
Tracey Wheatley, yoga teacher in virabadrasana 1 pose