The School specialises in Iyengar-based Hatha yoga and is delivered in the traditional way as well as in hot classes.

We provide a variety of classes at differing levels, so whether you are new to yoga or more experienced, you'll find a class to suit you.

In addition to studying the asanas (postures), we also bring in yoga philosophy & history, anatomy and physiology, so that you are immersed into a broader, rounder experience of yoga and its benefits.

We like to teach you to tune into your nurturing energy instead of just pushing harder. This allows you to develop safely, steadily and quickly at your pace in order to reach your best potential - physically, mentally and spiritually.


We offer:


Our fees are explained on the Timetable page


Foundation Basics course

A great value package of unlimited yoga classes, especially designed to give you a solid understanding in the basics of yoga.

Enrolment is required.
Cost is $139 for 6 weeks of unlimited yoga classes, delivered in a structured program by experienced teachers.

The best option for:

Enrol now


Our next course starts the week beginning 1 April and runs for 6 weeks

There are 9 classes to choose from each week and you can attend as many of the classes marked on the timetable as 'Foundation Basics' as you like. The 'Relax and Restore' session on Friday is also included.
We suggest that by attending 2-3 times a week you will start to quickly feel the benefits of yoga.

If you can't make the week the course begins, then you can still make a start during the 2nd week of the course.

After the end of the course, what then?
You can repeat it, or speak to your teacher to see which of our class passes or membership plans will be best for you. See our Timetable and fees page for details.

How do I get on the course?
You need to enrol for this course - no casual attendances are allowed, so you can sign up online or at the school. Cost is $139 for the 6 week course.

Can I drop in as a casual attender?
No, sorry. This is a measured program which will take participants through the cornerstone elements of yoga.

What if I want to go to other non-Foundation Basics classes?
That's not a problem, just buy a top-up class pass (choose from 5, 10, 30 or 50 class passes), attend the class you want and a class will be marked off on your pass. 5 & 10 class passes are valid for 1 year, 30 & 50 passes last 2 years.

I'm not sure about doing the course - what other options are there?
If you are new to yoga, we do strongly recommend that attending this course is the best option as well as being the best value for you.
Alternatively, we have class passes and several membership plans to choose from - See our Timetable and fees page for details.
You can then attend any of the Hatha and Hot yoga classes marked on the timetable, according to your level of experience in yoga, as frequently as you wish.
The 'Relax and Restore' class on Fridays is also open to anyone who has a class pass or membership plan.

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Hot Yoga

Expect to be challenged, but in the best possible way!

Yoga in a heated room is just like feeling the sun's warm rays on a beautiful day - except there are no harmful UV rays. The FIR system (Far Infrared heaters) warms you from the inside, providing a therapeutic heat which will help you warm up more quickly, make your body feel looser and improve your circulation. Regular classes will build up your cardiovascular fitness, core strength and calm your mind.

It provides a great work-out for your inside body too, as your body releases all those toxins and consequently makes your skin glow and look fantastic!

The classes focus on developing strength, flexibility and fitness on all levels, physically & mentally, and is done in a heated room at 31°C.

Hot 1-2

A mixture of flowing and steady sequences in a dynamic style lasting 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Suitable for those who are new to Hot Yoga as well as experienced practitioners.

The 90 minute class on Wednesdays is a more dynamic, flowing practice for those who would like to work a little stronger.

Expect to get hot and sweaty!

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Hatha yoga

Traditional Hatha style yoga classes.

Hatha 1 (non-heated)

Suitable for those in the initial stages of yoga practice and especially for:

  • those who have completed our Foundation Basics course
  • those with minor injuries
  • people who haven't exercised in a while
  • mums-to-be
  • or if you are seeeking a gentler asana practice

Working with simple, steady postures and breathing and meditation techniques, you will gently strengthen your muscles, free your body and mind of tension and improve your flexibility and focus.

Our teachers will suggest modified poses to suit you.

Hatha 2 (non-heated)

These classes are for those who would like to work a little stronger.

Focusing on correct alignment and technique, we combine strength work and deep stretches with breathing and meditation exercises to tone the muscles, improve flexibility and clear the mind.

We teach you how to modify postures to suit your needs and capabilities to ensure a safe and healthy practice.

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Relax and Restore

Non-heated. A 60-minute non-strenuous, non-challenging practice. Steady, supported poses gently open and release deep tension layer by layer, while working with different breathing and meditation exercises to release and stabilise mental energy. Fantastic for releasing fatigue, nervous and emotional tension and just a great chance to have a break away from the busy world, to let yourself rest and let go at the end of the week.

Ideal for pregnant ladies too!

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Meditation course

An ongoing program of meditation classes comprising 1 class a week for 6 weeks.

Enrolment is required.
Cost is $120 for 6 weeks

Our next course starts Thursday 4 April at 7:30 - 8:45pm.

> Read more and enrol here


After the end of the course, what then?
As we cover different meditation techniques each course, you are very welcome to carry on repeating the course to develop and progress your knowledge and practice.

Is this course covered with my current membership or class pass?
If you pay by Direct Debit or have a membership plan with us, the cost of this course is included. Please remember that this is a 6 week course and not a drop-in class.


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Private therapy classes

If you have a particular injury or health problem we advise you to take out a Therapy Package.

If you are new to yoga, we can show you specific exercises tailored to your individual needs. This will not only help your injury or problem heal, but give you a better understanding of how to work with it, so in a general class situation, you will have more of an understanding of what to do.

Get in touch to find out more

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Comprehensive Course

This is a 12-month program for those interested in taking their yoga to a deeper level.

It's a great way to learn about yoga in a more detailed way and will also teach you how to establish a solid foundation in your own personal yoga practice that will last a lifetime.
Available to enrolled students only (no casuals), the course allows us to work on a more personal level ensuring a quicker and deeper progress to occur as well as a more flowing development in your understanding of the science of holistic health ie. YOGA.


Teachings include:

  • Yoga Philosophy and history
  • Asana in depth and development
  • Kriyas - yoga cleansing exercises
  • Bandhas - body energy locks
  • Pranayama - breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Applying yoga in your daily life and developing your own home practice.


The course is open to yoga students of all levels (although you should have at least attended our Foundation Basics course) and runs once a week for 50 weeks (missed classes can be made up).

Read what current students say about this course.

At the end of the year, students are invited to do a private assessment on their progress and understanding of yoga with Peter.

Contact Peter for the dates of the next intake.

Class Time: Wednesday 9:00am - 10:45am

Cost: $800/$650 concession

A 25% deposit ($200/$160) is required to secure your place. The course is non-refundable/non-transferrable.

We offer a payment plan of $200 then 12x $50 direct debit payments for 12 weeks.


Watch this short introduction to the course (2 mins).


See Peter to enrol or to ask any questions.

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Teacher Training

Three year apprenticeships with Peter are available.
We suggest that you attend our classes first to get an idea of the style of yoga we do at the school, however feel free to contact Peter for a chat and more detail.




Customised classes

We can come to you and provide one-off introductory classes or regular practice sessions in schools, mother's groups, companies...

Contact us if you are interested.



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Sitting sequence 1 Peter Mulholland, yoga teacher
Sitting sequence 2 Peter Mulholland, yoga teacher
Sitting sequence 3 Peter Mulholland, yoga teacher
Sitting sequence 4 Peter Mulholland, yoga teacher