Yoga on the beach - fundraising class

Friday 16th February 5:30 - 6:30pm


A 1 hour class on the beach - enjoy the fresh sea air on your skin and the fantastic view for your eyes!

The class is open to everyone, regardless of whether you attend this school or not.


Be sure to join us for another great event and to support the making of this amazing documentary film about the true potential of the ancient yogic path in the modern world!

Recommended minimum donation of $20.



All monies raised will go to fund the making of a feature length yoga documentary film by Emma Balnaves.
Filming has already started and is due for release in 2019.

"The film is an eight part journey of reconnection to a fully sacred science that will allow new and existing yoga students to delve deeper into the origins of yoga, and clear up some misconceptions about yoga in contemporary culture.

Our story begins in Nepal at the heart of the Pashupatinath temple where Goraknath, one of the forefathers of Hatha yoga opened up the practice to all in the 7/8th century.

Goraknath believed yoga should be made more accessible to people from all walks of life and emphasised that the ‘Search for Truth’ and ‘Spirituality’ should be a valuable goal for all people.

The footage weaves through 8 chapters and covers the facets of yoga that need to be understood for someone new to yoga or already on the path of yoga.

It explores topics such as firmness and having faith in one’s own undertaking on life’s path, the benefit of having a guide, the significance of moderation, mastery over external influences, and the spirit of universal equanimity.

We want our film to inspire a deeper look into the origins and roots of yoga, allowing yoga students and those who are thinking about studying yoga to have a better understanding of the true potential one can have on the yogic journey which is beyond just the physical practice.

Our film will offer guidance of what is involved on the path of Hatha Yoga and modern day living."

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Facebook page:



Meet at Terrigal Haven Beach, below the Reef restaurant.
Arrive by 5.15 at latest to give your donation and to get settled.
There is plenty of parking there.
Bring a towel or mat.
The class will take place even if it rains.
Bring your swimmers for a dip in the sea afterwards, and/or your paddleboards!


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A bit more about Emma and the film

Emma is the co-founder and director of Shadow Yoga and Nṛtta Sādhanā, and has been teaching yoga for over two decades.
The other co-founder and director of Shadow Yoga is Sundernath (Shandor Remete) who is Peter Mulholland's yoga teacher.


Still from the Agniyogana film


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